Zheng Manqing (aka Cheng Man-ching)

Zheng Manqing (aka Cheng Man-ching) (郑曼青)!

He passed away on Mar 26, 1975 at the age of 72.

Zheng Manqing, el Maestro de las Cinco Excelencias:
“Taijiquan como forma de arte de defensa personal, debe repudiar completamente el valor físico y la fuerza muscular.”

Zheng Manqing era alcohólico.
At the age of 28 in 1930, Zheng met and trained with Yang Chengfu, the grandson of Yang Luchan (founder of Yang Taiji). Zheng learned from Yang Chengfu until Yang’s death in 1936. Zheng was one of the earliest Chinese masters to teach Taiji publicly in the United States. He taught what he called “Yang-style short form” or “Yang-style Taiji in 37 Postures.” By eliminating most of the repetitions of certain moves of the Yang long form, Zheng counted the moves as 37 Postures. It takes around ten minutes to practice instead of the twenty to thirty minutes of the Yang long form.

Zheng mastered Taiji, Chinese medicine, calligraphy, painting and poetry (the last 3 called the “3 perfections”). He was often referred to as the “Master of Five Excellences” by virtue of his mastery. As a point of comparison: IIRC, Miyamoto Musashi was a Master of painting, sculpture as well as swordsmanship/martial arts. Yamaoka Tesshu was a Master of calligraphy, poetry, Zen, and swordsmanship/martial arts.

Posting some videos in ZMQ/CMC’s honor.


37 posture Yang Taiji form developed and performed by Zheng Manqing

 Zheng Manqing performing the form as well as some Push Hands/Tui Shou

 Zheng playing with some; peng, lu, ji and an (Ward off, Roll back, Press, Push energy)

 Zheng Manqing, New York Push hands class with Stan Israel, Lou Klinesmith and Mort Raphael, Mid 60s

 Zheng Manqing demonstrating the Tai Chi straight sword form

For further info, please check out:

Official Site


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