Excerpt from The Secrets of Solar Rejuvenation

Del libro de Los secretos de la regeneracion por el sol, muy ilustrativo…. portales magneticos unen al sol con la tierra, las cadenas del mundo se liberan a traves de ellos.

An Enlightened Perspective



These Great Solar Orders have led the way to improving our understanding of the universe around us. The Adepts within these groups are scientists that study consciousness in the same way that physicists study the atom.  Let us examine some of their greatest achievements in the understanding of consciousness.

Human consciousness is imprisoned on earth by the magnetic fields that surround our planet.  The earth is protected from the solar and cosmic particles that bombard our planet by thick dense magnetic fields.  These fields interpenetrate our world and are created by the spinning of earth’s metallic core. There are three of these fields.  The innermost field is stable and dense. It is the home of the consciousness of what we call the afterlife. There are complex fields of information and energy within this field that we interpret as heaven, hell, purgatory, and other states of reality.  This field exists…

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